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2014-2015 S.C.A.N.A. Ballot Now Open

The election for the 2014-2015 S.C.A.N.A. Board is now available.  Login to your member secure page to vote for the candidates.  To meet the slate of candidates running for office, click here.  Information on the candidates can also be found on the member’s document page, communication tab. S.C.A.N.A. has a full slate of candidates running […]

Member Event in Myrtle Beach on Saturday, August 2

S.C.A.N.A. will host its second Town Hall Meeting on August 2 in Myrtle Beach.   This meeting...

AANA 2014 Nurse Anesthesia Annual Congress September 13-16 in Orlando, Florida

The AANA 2014 Nurse Anesthesia Annual Congress will be held September 13-16 in Orlando, Florida.  This is...